Social Sailing

While there is no doubt that dinghy racing is an exhilarating sport there are those of us who regard sailing as a more gentile leisurely activity. In fact, as a social section, we welcome all manner of water craft including wind surfers, canoes and kayaks. Whether you consider yourself a casual, social or competitive sailor Scaling Dam offers fantastic opportunities to realise your passion for sailing.

Social sailing is all about sharing that passion and could include comparing notes and technique over a pizza at the Friday Night club, trying out others boats, a relaxing Saturday cruise with a picnic lunch on the shore or sharing the water with the racers, while marvelling at their antics, on Sunday afternoon.

In 2017 we’re working towards encouraging more participation by the less competitive sailors with some great ideas being put forward such as:

  • Once a month themed sailing activity days.
  • Shared activities with other sections within the club.
  • Ladies that launch
  • An adult ‘sail camp’ type weekend whether at Scaling or other sailing venue.
  • Specific sailing clinics to allow us to improve our skills then go out and practice them.

Watch this space for further updates.